Hi Everyone,

Thank you for viewing my blog and I hope it is of interest to you guys and I hope I have inspired you with some of my tips and ideas, if you have any hints and ideas please let me know!

This blog is setting me a challenge: going from a meat eater to vegan! I am following a 30 Day challenge to see how I get along. I am hoping to learn so many different recipes by using alternatives and hoping this could possibly improve my health so I do not have to take certain medication anymore. Being wheat intolerant has given me an extra challenge to produce vegan meals.

Vegan Beauty Cosmetics is a small business, where I started to create handmade nail polish and now expanding into manicure bombs and bath bombs. I am looking to expand into more beauty products and skincare products in the future. All the products I create are hand made my me! They are all non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan friendly of course 🙂

Please visit my Etsy store for all the fabulous products and I can even make bespoke/custom products so it’s just tailored just for you… -SALE ON NOW


Effiena x