Still cooking up vegan goodness

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while as you can see from previous posts I have been very ill and still am.

Although the challenge failed, I have still been cooking up some vegan goodness.

So apparently soup is the best food to help you when you’re ill, I don’t really like soup but being a student away from home my mother demanded it was good for me and to make some.
Mom’s always right…


-Leeks (chopped,frozen)
-Onions (chopped, frozen)
-Mixed Bell Peppers (chopped,frozen)
-Fresh Red Chilli
-Chilli Powder
-Black Pepper
-Vegetable Stock


-Add a little oil to a saucepan and cook down the frozen ingredients
-Add the chilli
-Add all seasoning except for black pepper (I have extra chilli in mine to give it a kick however this maybe to hot for a regular person 😂)
-Create the vegetable stock in the jug with boiling water and add the the pan
-Let it cook down and simmer (so apparently I cooked this really quick it was about 10/11pm and I was tired so I cooked this down for about 10/15 minutes and my mother said it should of been half an hour -either way or still tasted good)
-Once cooked down add the black pepper mix in and put the contents into a blender
-Blend it up til you have the consistency you like.


Let me know your thoughts and how you get on with the this recipe .


Day 5

All I eaten today was a packet of crisps due to me being ill 😦

Feel like I've let the challenge down I'm really sorry guys!

I went to the doctors today turns out I might have a water infection or something so I think I may have to start this challenge another time or until I'm better 😦

Stay tuned…