Day 1

So I started my day off basic and settled for cereal. I learnt that most cereal are actually vegan friendly unless stated that they do contain anything to do with an animal i.e. honey.

Anyway so..
A bowl of Rice Krispies (Not Gluten Free – contains Barley however wheat free)
with almond milk
An apple
A carton of orange juice

Standard but it’s a start to ease me into a new diet.


I got my lunch idea from Day 1 (dinner) Viva’s 30 Vegan Challenge.
Bean Salad Wraps
-Red Onion (frozen – fresh or frozen is perfect)
-Green Chilli Pepper
-A tin of mixed bean salad (containing: sweetcorn, red pepper, chickpeas, green beans, red kidney beans, black eyed beans, borlotti beans and haricot beans)
-Passata (you can use chopped tomatoes)
-Spices (including: salt, pepper, all purpose, paprika, chilli powder)
-Warburtons Gluten Free Wraps (Free From: Gluten, Wheat and Milk)


I first cooked down the courgette and red onion for a few minutes.
Then added the garlic, chilli pepper and spices, let that cook for another couple of minutes
Added the beans to the mixture, stir and simmer for around 5-7 minutes.

Drained the mix then added passata, put back on the heat for 2 minutes.

I added these to the wraps and then had a last minute thought and got the George Foreman out and grilled the wraps which was a brilliant idea as the wraps were not as soft and could take the mixture.

I then added some bagged mixed salad and spinach to the side of the plate and voila, this was actually really tasted and did not need any meat to bulk it up.


Pasta and Meatballs – I never liked actual meatballs but I bought this meat-free ones from ASDA with an open mind…
-Pasta (corn, spinach and beetroot)
-Meat-Free Meatballs (Not gluten-free contains Barley – but is wheat free)
-Red Onion (frozen)
-Chopped Leeks (frozen)
-Mixed Peppers (frozen)
-Spices (salt, pepper, chilli powder, paprika, coriander, garlic powder)
-Passata (I use passata a lot, it’s great for sauces you can add your own flavours and it’s smooth – as I don’t like full tomatoes)

This is a basic recipe, you can even follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. I boiled the pasta (only 8 minutes)
Cooked down the meatballs, then added the veg and spices (around 10 minutes altogether)
Add the passata in last thing, let it heat up and it’s ready to go.
I then added some Italian Style Hard Cheese (coconut alternative) on top


Overall verdict on dinner…
I didn’t like ‘meat’ meatballs and I do not like the alternative either. However I pushed through and ate it all, due to another mission I’m on of not wasting as much food. -Never again for the meatballs, I’m sorry. I really did like the pasta, it tasted exactly like ‘normal’ pasta. Not like supermarket’s own gluten free version.


Day 1 turned out ok, I’m learning what I do and don’t like and hopefully will continue to trial new things. Rather than having standard easy food (e.g cereal).

If you have any ideas, tips, hints, comments on this.. Do not hesitate to make your mark!


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