30 Day Vegan Challenge – The Beginning

Hi everyone and welcome…

I’m Effiena and the owner of Vegan Beauty Cosmetics, I create handmade nail polish, manicure bombs and bath bombs. >veganbeautycosmetics.etsy.com< I am hoping to branch out into other cosmetics soon, so keep your eyes peeled…

First I want to say and apologise to all the vegans out there… I create cruelty-free & vegan products however I am not a vegan, could pass for vegetarian most of the time that eats cheese however there are occasions where I do eat meat as well.

I want to change this so I have decided to take up a 30 day Vegan Challenge, in order to change my ways, change my health and to show I care about the animals too!

This blog will demonstrate the struggles of me transitioning to being vegan and the struggles of me being wheat intolerant too! – I want to apologise now if any products I do advertise are not vegan but are vegetarian, I’m still learning 🙂

So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and will be starting my challenge on the 27th July 2017 so in the meantime, lets all just take a moment and look at this cute rabbit.



3 thoughts on “30 Day Vegan Challenge – The Beginning

  1. The rabbit is so cute! Good for you for doing this, personally I couldn’t diary is like my favourite food group, I think I could go veggie but that’s not really helping any animals 😞 xxx


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